Shocking truth that is finally is getting revealed!

Competence.... Devotion... Apparently these words are unfamiliar to evil corporation called gamigo. Want a proof?

Let's go.

Ave, morituri te salutant.

2nd Year and they still cant finish Designer Pack project and dare to threads about it?!
Cuntbal, you are genetical inept, you still didnt figure this out?
A scammer, liar, and failure, who only cares about leeching cash while providing zero service.
And your whole team is nothing but a bunch of dropouts and rejects, who failed to find other jobs due to being absolutely worthless.
Till they have found somebody worthy of their "talent", and that was YOU.

Completly untested, bugged and unbalanced content, I feel ya.

Complete fail. 1 year past deadline, and still no result.


Bundles ARE failing, yet gaymigo keeps telling that players are lying and even banning them. Just wow...

Yea very competent way to handle situation.

Way to fuck up people after making them work for half year.

More like, year later..

Why the fk I would help you do your work if you don't give me a GM seat?

You asked for it.....

Professionaly done, gg.

Somebody is overly abusive, discussion is so "constructive".

Keep failing.

Confidentiality of GMs is astonishing!

So, other communities are not toxic, really? So tired of this BS.
Not to mention fact that archers have been broken for long time, 3+ years... And they still cant make proper adjustments to class.

On a side note, Outspark also had its portion of idiots.

If you have more proof/screens, please contact me via face book^^