Guide for Free Player

Heya, guys. I always liked playing online rpgs, and always admired players who were able to achieve alot without investing lot of real money. One of games I am currently playing called "Fiesta" by Outspark, where lvling near end game and earning decent money nearly impossible without heavy investment of real money, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that some players still able to do it. So I decided to create shrine dedicated to those players, because theirs hard work admirable and deserves praise, and I am happy to say that I stand amongst them^^

Guide for Free Player


UPDATE 15.11.2016 (18-25)

Mara S card dropped in price, and goes for 3 gems atm. However, Bijou KQ and Emperor Slime KQ give bracelets now (110 and 120), and DEF one goes for quite a big sum. 75-100 for 110, 50+ for 120. Keep eyes open, and seek for more opportunities!^^

1) Mara farming. (18-25)

Her S card pricy, and on Epith goes for 5gems each. There 2 ways to farm mara, first one is to spam her in Sea Of Greed (but there always farmers there, so dont bother going without being confident in your dmg - cause only top DDer can pick drop). Second option is farming mara kq (cap 25). I prefer farming kq, because all maras there can drop card (including fake ones).

Edit: 75-79.
King Kong Phino KKQ has a Mara,that can be taken down pretty easily. There is only one, but the other bosses, Marlone, Robo, King Kong Phino, drop cards too. Just an option for players who don't want to stay in the 1x/2x levels.

2) Blue capsules in Lucky House(40+, 70+ recommended)

Quite often you will get Uruga scrolls. And they could be sold for 500s+.

3) Giant Red Condor license.(105+)

This monster located in Dark Lands, his license worth around 10-15gems because its very easy to max. But I dont advice farming till lvl 105, condors quite defensive and hit hard.

4) Ramsear and shroom. (suggested lvl range is 8x because thats when you stop aggroing uruga/aew mobs)

Thats how I started actualy, by farming dangerous shrooms and ramsear in Ancient Elven Woods. There 2 good spots, i6 and f7, where lot of herbs and shrooms spawn, making it easy to farm. Watch this video to learn Instant Farming trick btw, it saves lot of time.
Point is to click orange stripe when that line near it. Just train, and you will get idea. Thats good way to make money if u lack gears to farm blues/mara/condors.

5) Leviathen Nest/Secret Laboratory/Burning Adelaia farming. (hardcore, only 100+)

a) Leviathen nest (suggested lvls 100-105).

Mobs shouldnt be issue for fighter in 100/105 set, as for bosses, especially boogy> just kite him if u cant tank. Run around your ranged dders in team, spamming Snearing Kick (and mock rarely). Quite easy actualy. At levi do following> enter toom, click on levi, place marking arrow (thats 95 skill). Then tab switch to 2nd head and kill, thats REAL one.

b)Secret Lab. (suggested lvls 110+).

Good party needs 3 ranged dds (mages work better than archers). Just proceed slow, dont overmob. Good idea to take strong cleric, who can tank birds. When I am doing SL runs, I go for 1 bird, and cleric for another. Just turn them opposite sides and kill, they not very defensive. Ogre and last boss should be kited by ranged dds in ur team from tunnel (just run into room, hit, run back in), while tank and cleric should wait for spawns and mock/kill them. Ogre rarely manages to spawn more then 1 set of ghosts (occurs at 50% hp), last boss could be problematic tho, cause he spawns mobs more often (75%, 50%, 25% are FIXED spawns, and there random ones if battle takes too long). I often run into problem of being overrun by mobs, so better ask 1 dd to help u killing spawns, while 2 should keep kiting. You can glitch tubes btw, just hit them after "30 seconds left" message appears, and they wont break (in nearest 2 mins at least, which usually enough to kill).

c) Burning Adelaia (suggested lvl> 114/115).

Just advance slowly, killing mobs in small groups, 2-3 at time. In areas with archers hiding advance VERY slow, because they can hit quite hard! Let ranged dds destroy dark stones (use mages or archers). Once you will make it to first boss, use t5 speed and run in circle while ranged dds will deal dmg. Ideal setup would be 1 tank, cleric, and 3 ranged dds.

6) Karis and t5 elrues making(suggested lvl is 100+)

New method which become quite popular after one of last patches. Go 100 abyss, farm 108 weapons and dust, make t5 elrue, +2 108 weapons (not gears, WEAPONS!!), and make 1 karis. Repeat process. Usually takes 10 elrues for 1 karis, and each karis goes for 500-1gold.

Edit:t5 elrues goes for 500s, so its quite profitable to make and sell it. Good places to farm dust are: laplans in Tears Marshes and 100 abyss.

7) Farming GTs with alt guilds

Make alt guild, put in 10 lvl 70+ alts. If anything, make crusaders, since they start at lvl 60, and plvl them to 70. Done, now you can register for gts, and with some luck, even win matches, gaining tokens and exchanging them for GT rings, which go for 1gem each on Epith.
Suggestion>find few people who will actualy be able to participate in gts with these guilds. Ask guildies to put inactive alts there!

Tips: You can get exp boosts,war rants, orange weapons and t5 stones/scrolls from red capsules in Lucky House and roars/uruga scrolls/crab mover/alchemy booster from blue capsules. Uruga scrolls appear quite often, and worthy of 500s+, crab mover also not bad, so if you working on your stones production, definitly play blue capsules first^^