Welcome to the shrine of a mad god.

13.01.2018 Updated most of previews with working links.

2017 news

22.12.2017 My xmas gift to my fans> short demo of an android game I have been working on. Its called Chronicles Of Feria and could be downloaded already from Extras page (pc version).

19.09.2017 Updated most of links for mods section. Without the direct preview atm, but you can click on screens and check at site. Its temporare solution, will find better option later.

18.09.2017 I am aware of previews not working atm due to photobucket's new "pay to link" plan. Working on finding a solution, have patience.

23.03.2017 Hyperdimension Neptunia Delux Nude Patch 1.00 goes live. Also, added save with pretty much everything unlocked.

16.02.2017 Reuploaded Neptunia patch 0.99, there was small error in name of one folder. Now its fixed. Also uploaded new revision of fiesta's patch, version 1.01. Its MUCH BETTER than previous, just believe me!

01.02.2017 Added Donate sidebar. Gonna add more payment options and update Contact Me.

26.01.2017 Most of work done, almost everything works. Just need to update mods section with my old projects.

25.01.2017 Decided to completly change layout because this project keeps growing and slowly turning into mini portal.

24.01.2017 Recompiled version of existing nude mods for Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 goes live!