Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 1

Compilation of nude mods, Version 1.00 Delux

Updated version of basic compilation. Includes some reworks and improvements.


Old Version

Compilation of old mods for Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1, Version 0.99

Its literaly what it says. I have gathered up all notable mods, properly converted files into .tid and put into corresponding folders. Several attempts of putting all of them together in past have been made, but due to lack to time [or patience] project have been abandoned.


Known issues: Eventualy I will release updated version, because right now few textures look too raw and unpolished {or plain unfinished}. Good example is White Heart's suit.

Patching tools


Thats basicly a toolkit which you will need for extracting and importing files.

Basic guide on patching:

Step 1: Put kitserver.exe and kitserver.dll in game's core folder.
Step 2: Right click kitserver.exe>Properties>flag "run as admin".
Step 3: From Data folder, Drag&Drop Game000000.pac and Game200000.pac on nr1-unpacker.exe (1 at time) [this file is in patcher pack].
Repeat process for NRB1DLC000000007.pac, NRB1DLC000000008.pac, NRB1DLC000000010.pac, NRB1DLC000000011.pac and NRB1DLC000000012.pac [these are in DLC folder].
Step 4: You will have to run game by starting kitserver.exe instead of game.exe from now on.

Step 5: In case thats not obvious, after unpacking u need to replace files in folders with ones from patch.

NOTE: Chrome might report file as infected, so just download using another browser, Firefox for example. File is clean, I double checked it.

100% Save:


Unpack it into C:/users/(yourusername)/Docs/My games/Idea Factory/Hyperdimension